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HOW TO DEAL WITH OSHA Our team of former OSHA executives are here to provide you with guidance with all OSHA matters.
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We staff top-quality onsite safety professionals for your project, or can recruit for your full-time opening.
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Expert Witnesses

Led by Jim Stanley, we have provided expert advice and testimony in OSHA related cases for over two decades.
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Safety Training

Safety training courses that motivate workers to want to be safe while improving safety performance.
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OSHA Compliance

A former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA leads our program to assist you with OSHA compliance.
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FDRsafety Solutions Blog

May 4, 2021

National Safety Stand-Down Resources

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Distracted Driving Awareness Month: Are Zoom Meetings Adding To Distractions Behind The Wheel?

March 1, 2021

OSHA’s Industry-Specific COVID Guidance

Your Safety Professional Headquarters

Safety Talent and Safety Opportunities